Kitsap Classic
Iditarod Trail Invitational

Ireland 2018

Big Lake, Alaska
Ice Road Racing

Big Island, Hawaii
Jan. 2018

Alaska State Strongman
Strongwoman Championships
Palmer, Alaska
July 29, 2017
All 103 photos can be viewed here
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and watermarks will be removed.
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Alaska Scottish
Highland Games
June 24, 2017  
Palmer, Alaska

Aerial photos and video of the Highland Games are available for purchasing on this page  Alaska Scottish Highland Games !

Arcticzone Drone filmed the Iditarod Trail Invitational Race 2017 at Knik Lake and McGrath, Alaska. The  Photo Sales page has links to additional aerial photographs.
Arcticzone Drone had fun filming the Fur Rondy Big Fat Ride February 25, 2017! Check the Photo Sales page for purchasing photographs.

Come With Me On A Drone Ride

The Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Pro in
Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Washington.


A new world of opportunities for drone operators opened up on August 29, 2016 when the new small drone rule for non-hobbyists became effective.  Our company is compliant with the FAA and in the areas of airman(remote pilot) certification, aircraft registration and marking, aircraft airworthiness, and
the operation of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS). We operate to promote compliance with the requirements of Title 14 of the Code of
Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 107
, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. 
Our company is insured with a world renowned aviation company, Global Aerospace .  Safe operations is our priority when working with our customers. We have implemented safety management systems (SMS) that include such things as pre-flight checklists, logbooks and a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which are already established components of manned aviation. Our training with an established company, Unmanned Experts , and our many hours of flight time insures our customers are receiving professional, exemplary service.
Deb is an original CIRI shareholder and a Doyon shareholder.  We look forward to partnering with other shareholders to help build our economy in a cost efficient manner.  
We are life long Alaskans ready to inspire, create, and produce incredible photos and videos for your project. Our diverse experiences with UAVs' will propel your dreams and visions into reality.  
We use high quality DJI equipment: Inspire 1 with an x3 camera, Zenmuse z3 zoom camera,  Zenmuse XT thermal imaging camera, and a Phantom 3 Pro.

Real Estate

Aerial Photography            Inspections


ArcticZone Drone provides captivating aerial photos and videos for your next creative project. Using our UAV, we can photograph angles and views that haven't been available before the use of multi-rotor, remote controlled aircraft.
Our UAV will inspect roofs, buildings, towers, powerlines, bridges, pipes, an other structures to provide high resolution photos or video for you. Monitoring of ranches, farmland, wildlife, forest, erosion, search and rescue, and assisting with disaster response teams are a few of the possibilities available with our certified, insured pilots.
Incredible photos and videos will show an amazing view of your event: weddings, tournaments, races, concerts, festivals, fairs, resorts, lodges, golf courses, parks, or sporting events are a few of the possibilities.
Enhance your real estate or property with 
fabulous high resolution photos and videos offering a unique, breath taking bird's eye view. Our UAV will show how spectacular your property is from the air.
Showcase your business or home with spectacular aerial photographs and/or videos of your holiday light display!
Arcticzone Drone will train you how to operate and  fly your UAV safely and successfully within the FAA unmanned aerial vehicle guidelines. We also offer training in taking the FAA Remote Pilot Exam.
ArcticZone Drone provides photos for inspecting home or business structures and roof analysis. It's a safe and efficient way to provide data analysis about your home or business.
The applications for home and commercial property inspections are numerous, as well as getting a bird's-eye view of the surrounding property. 

As seen in this example of the Matanuska River, erosion has been occuring extensively at the site marked on the Google Earth map.
ArcticZone Drone monitors river erosion and provides photos for indepth analysis.

Our drones are able to provide valuable awareness to the crisis situation occurring with the Matanuska River erosion, August 21, 2016
Safe and efficient inspections are easily accomplished in a timely manner.
Significant cost reduction for inspecting power lines and poles is one of the many advantages of using our UAVs.

We are life-long Alaskans from the last frontier, embracing the new frontier of technology to fly high. Our high quality equipment;  skilled, licensed, and insured operators will get the results you need.

We are insured with Global Aerospace who has demonstrated the integrity, wisdom and experience that has earned the trust of leading aviation companies around the globe.
We are members of the largest association of civil and civic commercial UAV operators in the United States; UAVUS.
We are trained in multi-rotor flight and safety, as well as aerial photography and videography with world renowned